Vesper Low Res

Vesper is a main Player Character in the stream Anesidora: By the Light of Artemis, played by Avril Ilejay. Vesper is one of sole survivors of the Lapui tribe after a vicious attack by the changelings. She is high strung and high energy and because of the destruction of her tribe, absolutely terrified of being alone.

Early Life

Vesper grew up in an Exiled tribe, outside of the vast majority of the influence of the God-cities. As such, she worships Anesidora itself. She was meant to be an oracle for her tribe, and was trained by her father on how to survive in the wild.
Just before the beginning of present day in the stream, Vesper's tribe was attacked by changelings along with the Dark Mistress. Vesper only got a glimpse of the robot before running south, all the way to Artemis where she met up with the rest of the group.

BLA Season 1

So Much.

BLA Season 2