Skill Abilities

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Skill Levels

Each skill gives a bonus when a Character reaches an odd rank. These ranks are referred to as: Beginner (1), Trained (3), Specialist (5), and Master (7). Characters may only increase their skills to Specialist and Master levels once they have spent enough total XP.

0 Inexperienced - The character has no understanding of the skill

1 Beginner - The character has a basic understanding of the skill. The Character gains all Basic Skill Actions for the Skill.
2 Trained - The character has formal training or experience with the skill. The Character picks a Trained Ability. They may now assist other character’s Skill Rolls as their action.
3 Specialist - The character has begun to master specific aspects of a skill. Pick a Focus.

4 Master - The character is a pillar of their field. Pick a Master Ability.

Ability Requirement

Every time a Character gains an Ability, they must first meet that Ability’s requirements, which are listed in parentheses after the name of the Ability.

Ancient - This Ability can only be taken as an Ancient Secret.

GM - The GM must approve this Ability before you pick it.

Skill Name - The Character may only take this Ability when they gain an Ability from any of the listed Skills.

Skill Name # - The Character must have the numbered Rank in ALL listed Skills to take this Ability.

Skill Name:Ability Name - The Character must already have the listed Ability to gain this new Ability.

Skill Name:Focus - The Character must have that Focus to take the Ability.

Skill Name:Rank - The Character must have reached the required rank in that Skill to take the Ability.

Trained/Master/Ancient - Abilities are sorted by the rank a Character must reach in the Skill to gain this Ability. A character may always pick an ability from a lower rank.

General Abilities

Any time a Character gains an Ability from a Skill, they may pick a General Ability instead if they meet the requirements.

Trained General Abilities

Extra Item Slot
Gain an extra Item Slot for the Attribute associated with this Skill.

Before rolling this skill, the player may trade 3 dice for an automatic success.

Refuse Fate
After rolling this skill, the Player may remove one Blank from the result.

Master General Abilities

General Ancient Secrets

Perfection (Skill:Practiced)
After rolling this skill, the Character may pick up and reroll any of the dice once, accepting the final result.

On the Character’s turn, they gain an extra action with this Skill. During Sequences in cinematic or tactical combat, they gain an extra Skill Check Action with this Skill each turn. This action does not include a Reposition. Blessings cannot be used to make additional attacks.

Physique Abilities


Basic Athletics Skill Actions


Trained Athletics Abilities



Skill Action: Drag
Reposition and Move Ally

Athletics Focuses



Master Athletics Abilities

If an object is thrown into the Character’s Zone, they may make a Throw Check to catch it. If they get more successes than the originator, they may either Throw the object back or to another Zone as if they has made the roll to Throw the object originally.

In addition, the Character may cancel any Throw if it fails, though it still uses their Action.

Ancient Athletics Secrets


Basic Endurance Skill Actions

Trained Endurance Abilities

Fast Healer
Temporary Injuries last half as many cycles.

The Character ignores their first Shock result in each Combat.

Tireless 1
50% Faster long distance travel speed

Endurance Focuses


Temperature Resistance


Master Endurance Abilities

It takes 4 damage to receive an Injury instead of 3.

Iron Stomach

Tireless 2 (Endurance:Tireless 1)
100% faster travel speed.

Ancient Endurance Secrets

Force March (Endurance:Tireless)
100% Faster travel speed for those traveling with the Character.

Melee Attack*

Basic Melee Attack Skill Actions

Attack of Opportunity

Trained Melee Attack Abilities

Fighting Styles
Gain benefits from using a shield, a two handed weapons, and two weapons.

Martial Arts
No penalties for making Melee Attacks without a weapon and count as being armed with a Melee weapon when unarmed for all purposes. Your fists are also “The Right Tool for the Job,” when attacking

Make a Melee Skill Check. If you get more successes than half the enemy’s Melee Defense, they are grabbed. On their next turn, they can only make the same attempt against you. If they succeed, their turn ends, but they are free. If they fail, they do nothing else that turn.

Instead of making a Melee Attack, their allies may attempt the same check against you on their turn. If they succeed, the grab ends. If they fail, nothing happens.

On your next turn, you may deal an automatic 3 Damage to the target, OR Reposition with them OR Move them into an adjacent Zone without you.

Melee Attack Focuses

Combat Skills do not have Focuses.

Master Melee Attack Abilities

If the Character’s Melee Attack disables an enemy, immediately attack again.

Hard Engage

Powerful Attack
Before rolling the player may add any number of successes to their target's defense. For each success added, the attack will deal 2 additional damage, if it hits.

Slayer of “Beasts, Men, Unliving, or Villains”
Pick a type of enemy. After rolling for a Melee Attack against that type of Enemy, the Player may reroll any of their dice. They must accept the new result.

Ancient Melee Attack Secrets

Art of Death (Melee Attack:Martial Arts)
Your body becomes an A4 melee weapon. It stills uses 3 item slots as normal.

Blessing of Odin
Double the final damage from the Character’s melee weapons.

King of the Hill
Whenever an enemy enters Melee with you, immediately make a Melee Attack.

Melee Defense*

Basic Melee Defense Skill Actions

No Action - Defend
During the Character’s Turn, they may pick one Ally in their Zone to also use their Melee Defense Rating. Shields allow a Character to give their Defense to additional allies.

Trained Melee Defense Abilities

Controlled Retreat
You do not provoke attacks of opportunity if you move to a Zone with one of your allies in it.

Push Through
You do not provoke attacks of opportunity if you move to a Zone with an enemy in it.

Shield Guard
If an ally in your Zone is damaged by a Ranged Attack, you may take the damage instead. You may only do this once per Round.

Shield Wall
If you and an Ally have shields and Shield Wall, enemy melee and ranged attacks against either of you only get half the normal amount of dice round up. Ranged attacks into Melee are halved twice.

You can never be moved or grabbed by an opponent.

Melee Defense Focuses

Combat Skills do not have Focuses.

Master Melee Defense Abilities

During your Turn, pick an ally in your Zone. They cannot be targeted by Melee Attacks.

Zone of Control
If you take the Reposition and Ready Attack Action, when an enemy moves into an Adjacent Zone, you may immediately move into that Zone and make a Melee Attack. This movement is in addition to the move on your turn.

Ancient Melee Defense Secrets

Enemies never make attacks of opportunity against you, and you never trigger abilities. You can still be shot with Overwatch.

Low Profile
Ranged Attacks shooting the Character always roll half the normal number of dice roundup after subtracting dice for Cover. This has no effect when the Character is in Melee.


Basic Stealth Skill Actions

Passive Stealth

Surprise Attack

Trained Stealth Abilities

Hit and Run
If all enemies in Melee with you are disabled, you may immediately make a new Stealth Check.

Light on Your Feet
You may Stealth while moving normal speed during long distance travel.

Slip Through
Gain 1 automatic success on Stealth Checks in crowds and Zones that contain buildings.

Stay Still, Don’t Breathe
Gain 1 automatic success on Stealth Checks, if it is the only thing your Character does that turn.

Stealth Focuses




Master Stealth Abilities

Reposition and Surprise Attack

Ancient Stealth Secrets

Blind Spot
Hide while engaged in melee.

Society Abilities


Basic Culture Skill Actions

Trained Culture Abilities

Culture Focuses



Master Culture Abilities

Ancient Culture Secrets


Basic Deception Skill Actions

Trained Deception Abilities

When you make a Distraction Skill Check you may attempt to gain an Enemy's attention in your Zone or an adjacent Zone. If you get enough successes, they will choose to Attack you rather than your Allies unless it makes no sense to the Game Master that they would take that action. For example, if it would cause them to suffer an unreasonable amount of attacks of opportunity.

False Death

False Identity

People find it difficult to describe your appearance, or simply forget you were present for an event. If you have Relationships, you may have trouble convincing even those in your network of your identity.

You can do magic tricks and close up prestidigitation.

Deception Focuses

Master Deception Abilities

Ancient Deception Secrets


Basic Intuition Skill Actions

Trained Action: Reposition and Skill Check:Intuition

Trained Intuition Abilities

Never Surprised

Extra Chaos Card

Intuition Focuses



Master Intuition Abilities

If your zone is targeted by a blast, you may immediately make a reposition action. You can only do this one per round, and on your next turn you lose one action.

Ancient Intuition Secrets


Basic Leadership Skill Actions

Trained Leadership Abilities

Fireteam Leader
When you lead a fireteam, you don't have to take the same actions as the rest of the fireteam.

Natural Leader
You may take a Command or Form Fireteam Action as a No Action once per turn.

One of the People
You are best when working with the common folk.

Leadership Focuses


Master Leadership Abilities

Battlefield Commander
When you Reposition, you can either switch the position of two allies who are in adjacent Zones and each within 2 Zones of yourself OR you may add yourself to every adjacent Zone for the purposes of Outnumber, even if you do not have a Melee weapon.

Ancient Leadership Secrets


Basic Socialize Skill Actions

Trained Socialize Abilities

Beautiful Voice

Fashion Sense

Enemies will treat you as a civilian and not a threat, until you prove otherwise. Note, that some enemies do not care and will attack you anyway.


Socialize Focuses

Gather Information

Master Socialize Abilities


Life of the Party

Ancient Socialize Secrets

Center of Attention

Understanding Abilities


Basic Communion Skill Actions

Trained Communion Abilities


Hot Wire

Communion Focuses




Master Communion Abilities

Black Arts

Sense Magic

Stop the Unliving

Ancient Communion Secrets


Signature Code


Basic Craft Skill Actions

Trained Craft Abilities



Trap Maker

Craft Focuses




Trap Design

Master Craft Abilities


Ancient Craft Secrets

True Necromancy


Basic Healing Skill Actions

Long Term Care

Trained Healing Abilities


Healing Focuses



Master Healing Abilities

Ancient Healing Secrets


Basic Science Skill Actions

Passive Knowledge
One per turn, the Player may make a Check to see if they already know a piece of information.

Trained Science Abilities

Additional Language

Ancient Symbols


Science Focuses



Master Science Abilities

Fast Reader (Literacy)
You can read at an exceptional speed.


Ancient Science Secrets

Wilderness Abilities


Basic Awareness Skill Actions

Passive Awareness

Trained Awareness Abilities

Far Sight

Heightened Sense

Light Sleeper

Awareness Focuses






Master Awareness Abilities

Combat Awareness
The Character can never take damage from attacks that benefited from outnumbered. The enemy may choose to forgo their outnumber bonus to directly attack the Character.

Sensitive Nose
Like a dog

Ancient Awareness Secrets

6th Sense
The Character can detect the presence of magic as if it affected one of their senses. This includes radio waves, the communication between Unliving, and other seemingly undetectable sensations.


Basic Investigation Skill Actions

Trained Investigation Abilities


Trap Sense

Investigation Focuses

Find Traps

Past Events


Track Living

Track Unliving

Master Investigation Abilities

Forensics (Science:Master)

Ancient Investigation Secrets

Natural Studies

Basic Natural Studies Skill Actions

Trained Natural Studies Abilities

Animal Calls
You can perfectly mimic the calls of animals.


Natural Studies Focuses



Sentient Beasts

Master Natural Studies Abilities

Wild Magic

Ancient Natural StudiesSecrets

Speak to Animals

Speak to the Plants

Power of Anesidora (Natural Studies:Wild Magic)


Basic Orienting Skill Actions

Trained Orienting Abilities

Cartography (Literacy)

North Star
Always find location if you can see the night sky


Ignore the effects of difficult terrain.




Point of Reference

Master Orienting Abilities

Clear Path
Characters traveling with you ignore the effects of rough terrain for long distance travel.

Place Paths between the Character and any Adjacent Zone as an Action. Only allies can use these paths.

Ancient Orienting Secrets


Basic Shooting Skill Actions


Trained Shooting Abilities

When attacking with a bow or crossbow, the first valknut and lightning bolt rolled add damage.

Double the base Range of bows and crossbows.

Pistol and Sword Style
When making Melee Attacks while armed with a pistol and melee weapon, use the special rules of both weapons.

Reposition and Shoot
The Character Moves and then fires their weapon. When a Character uses this Action, they do not enter overwatch.

Surprise Attack
The Character can make ranged surprise attacks from adjacent Zones.

Shooting Focuses

Combat Skills do not have Focuses.

Master Shooting Abilities

Shoot into Melee
The Character no longer suffers penalties for shooting into Melee.

After rolling a shooting attack, the Character may change one of their dice to an Eye of Horus result.

Ancient Shooting Secrets

Blessing of Artemis
Double the APR of any ranged weapon the Character is using.

One Shot, One Kill
When you shoot an enemy who is not aware of any threat, deal x5 Damage. Stealth is not good enough, the enemy has to have no idea an attack is imminent.