Item Quality

If a Character has an Item that helps their Skill Check, including a weapon for attacks. An item's quality is added to the dice pool up to the character's rank. This represents how a character requires a certain level of experience to take full advantage of the highest quality gear. For example, a Character trained in shooting could use any bow, but would only ever gain a maximum of 2 extra dice from quality, even if they had a quality 4 bow.

Independently, items are either Basic (B), Tech (T), or Ancient (A). This means that a character could have a master crafted bow (B4), or a rifle in disrepair (T1).

Basic items covers a variety of tools. For example, a magnifying glass might be a low quality basic investigation tool with a fingerprint kit as a high quality basic item. The usefulness of a particular item is based on role-play, since while a finger print would be perfect for finding a particular person, it would be relatively useless in tracking a deer, which is also Investigation. Basic items add quality dice to Skill Checks, Attacks, and Defense.

Tech items are more advanced, similar in level to our modern technology. As a general rule, Tech items can be distinguished from Basic items, because they require something from the Gods to maintain, like bullets for guns or energy for most other Tech items. A gun in poor condition would be a Tech item, but it might only be quality 1 until it is repaired. Tech items add quality dice to Skill Checks, Attacks, and Defense. They also count vaulknuts as successes for skill checks, and cause vaulknuts to deal additional damage when attacks hit.

Ancient Items are beyond our modern abilities and understanding, the things of science fiction and borderline magic. All Ancient items require energy to function. Ancient items add quality dice to Skill Checks, Attacks, and Defense. They also count lightning bolts as successes for skill checks, and cause lightning bolts to deal additional damage when attacks hit.

Items do not need to be literal tools. Sometimes, the benefit of an Item is conceptual. Some examples are a religious talisman, war paint, or an old medal condoning rank in a military. A single item can also effect multiple skills, but it uses its full item slots for each skill that uses the item.

Ascended Items

Ancient items are already the things of legends with names and stories to go with them, but some items are even more powerful. Ascended items are one of a kind prototypes wielded by the Ascended themselves, which means they are also usually far to large for mortals to wield. For the purposes of completeness, and just in case a GM decides to introduce one into their game a few will be listed.

Ascended Items are all quality 4 and add their dice to Skill Checks, Attacks, and Defense as normal. They also count vaulknuts AND lightning bolts as successes for skill checks, and cause vaulknuts AND lightning bolts to deal additional damage when attacks hit. After rolling a dice pool benefiting from an Ascended item, the Character may change one blank result to a double success.

Item Slots

A Character may carry, maintain, and benefit from a number of items associated with each Attribute equal to the rating of that Attribute. After a Character has spent a specific amount of XP, their number of item slots in each Attribute increases.

Quality does not affect the number of slots an item uses, but technology level does. Basic items take 1 slot, Tech items take 2 slots, and Ancient items take 3 slots.

Remember that if an item is used for multiple skills, it uses up additional item slots. A single Item may also affect skills in different Attributes.

Example Items

The most important trait for an item is Anesidora its quality and ability to affect a character's skill checks. A Character might use prayer beads to help with the intuition or deception, while another wears war paint as armor. These are some suggested items for Anesidora, but they should not be considered an exhaustive list. Symbolic uses for items are up to the GM and the group of Player they are with.

Some items have special traits and do not use the normal rules. These traits are listed along with the item.

Physique Items

Athletics Items

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Basic Melee Weapon

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Godshard Blade

Unliving Slayer

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Spear of Odin

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