Valuable food eaten by the ancients. Difficult to impossible to grow on Anesidora and grown in labs or greenhouses, usually with the assistance of magic.

The first humans who came to colonize Anesidora.

The name of the planet, and a goddess to people who reject the god cities. She is “The Giver of Gifts.”

Unliving beings that are highly intelligent and seem to want to help humanity. They reignited the hearts of the gods and taught humanity how to use magic again, can reshape Godshards, and enforce the rules against the Black Arts. In exchange they charge a steep price, human sacrifice.

Black Arts
Some seek to experiment with Magic, to warp and pervert it, rather than accept its divine gift as intended. This process is called the Black Arts and is a terrible crime against the Pantheon. Those found performing the Black Arts are usually exiled or executed for their crimes.

The Change
Over the millennium since the fall, humanity has been altered by Anesidora and the Titans. Some have Changes that can’t be seen, others have become mermaids and centaurs. People who show these traits are called the Changed as a whole. Specific traits are usually hereditary and often passed on to their children.

Descendants of those who survived the Long Winter inside the gods.

Computers in Anesidora do not function the way we think of them. Instead they are operated by touch and thought. Communing with the machines is very precise and a religious experience.

A 24 hour period. This is the primary ancient time unit, and is still used by the Chosen.

A full Day is 100 cycles, 50 with the sun up and 50 more of night. Each Day also coincides with a season. There are 4 Days in a Year.

The descendants of those who were turned away by the gods and their Chosen during the Long Winter.

A special type of Unliving who speak to mortals and seek to be worshipped. They are only a little bigger than humans and have generally humanoid bodies.

This refers to giant crashed spaceships scattered around the planet.

God City
The city that exists around a god and as far as it can see.

God City, Inner
The part of a God that is functional and sealed.

The gods and much of the ancient magic are constructed from a special material that is almost unbreakable. When exposed a God’s true power, the material shatters into 3 inch shards. There is no known way to destroy a Godshard, but Gods and the Ascended can put the pieces back together in any shape. The broken shards are used as the primary currency of the world and are taxed by the God cities who hope to one day rebuild the bodies of their gods.

God Weapon
The weapons of the Gods themselves. They can destroy whole cities, wiping out every living being for miles. Their use and possession is a Black Arts

A well known Change that causes a person to grow 8’-12’ tall and greatly increases muscle mass.

Laws of Themis
A set of rules given to humanity by the Ascended that describe crimes against Magic and the Gods. Magic that goes against this law is considered Black Arts. The Ascended have been known to personally hunt and destroy those who break the Laws of Themis.

During the Long Winter, some people never turned to the gods. They had lost faith long ago or didn’t need their protection. The Lost exist independent of the Chosen/Exiled conflict, which is a blessing and a curse, depending on the specific opinions of those they meet.

Magic in Anesidora describes everything from unproven superstition and legend to technology from another time. It is everything people do not understand, and the power of the Gods themselves.

A branch of Anesidoran that believes the god's and their followers need to be destroyed. They specifically worship the Morrigan, a female goddess that is simultaneously multiple women and a giant 3 headed black bird, seen as a sign of death. A variety of tribes across Anesidora follows this faith.

The Black Arts cover a variety of forbidden acts, but one is considered the worst. Some experiment and manipulate the bodies of the Unliving or even the Gods themselves. To do this is the most extreme blasphemy. Those found indulging in Necromancy are taught by all major religions to be killed immediately.

Night Winter
When the sun sets for 40 cycles. During this time, all of Anesidora becomes an unforgiving wasteland.

Immortal Jotunn women who oversee the destiny of mortals and gods.

All of the gods, except Anesidora.

The period over a thousand years ago when the Gods fell from the heavens and ended the Ancient civilization.

Reign of Chione
An Ice Age that lasted two centuries. It ended the Third Age of Man and split humanity into the Chosen and the Exiled. The ice thawed 300 years ago.

The Storm
Every Day before the sun rises, a great Storm pours from Lelantos and spreads across the planet. It flows West, away from the sun.

Continent sized ancient beings that lash out at anyone foolish enough to go near them. No one alive has seen them, but those who have come to the edge of their territory describe seeing twisted monoliths of metal and stone.

The metal servants of the Titans who turned on them and seek to destroy humanity. They have no destiny or conscience and are born from Chaos.

A mysterious group that lived on Anesidora before the Ancients came.

Zeus’ Lightning
The gods punish hubris and blasphemy. It is said that when certain terrible acts are taken, a great, white bolt of lightning will crack down from the sky, destroying whoever dared question the gods, and anyone unfortunate enough to be near them at the time.