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Gem is a main Player Character in the stream Anesidora: By the Light of Artemis, played by Jessica Lynn Parsons. Gem is a very secretive 16-year-old girl with a mysterious abuse-filled past with a man named Malias, running away from him and his powerful reach in the world. She is highly shaped by this past, taking a long time to open up to people about herself while simultaneously voraciously trying to discover all their secrets. She is also a Haphaestus Changed, with pink skin that protects her from radiation. Her pet hydra, Hush, can always be seen with her.

Early Life

Gem was either kidnapped or orphaned before she started developing concrete memories by Malias, as was with him until she ran away. During this time, he employed her as a runner through the wastes full of radiation that she was immune to. She tried to run away once before, and her second time running only stuck because it ended with her jumping out a second-story window and breaking her leg, which has never healed properly. On this second attempt to escape, she met up with Dalexo and was employed by him as he traveled north to Artemis for the winter. This is where she was when present day began, and the group met up together in Artemis.

Season 1

A lot of things

Season 2