November 29, 2018

Skill Ranks and Items

I've finally decided how to do items and get them to work with the skills. Skill ranks will now go from 0-4, with each rank being special. This effectively removes the extra ranks between important levels that only added to the dice pool.

Items are now rated in quality from 1-4 based on their quality. Independently, they are either Basic (B), Tech (T), or Ancient (A). An item's quality is added to the dice pool up to the character's rank. This represents how a character requires a certain level of experience to take full advantage of the highest quality gear. For example, a Character trained in shooting could use any bow, but would only ever gain a maximum of 2 extra dice from quality, even if they had a quality 4 bow.

Basic items covers a variety of tools. For example, a magnifying glass might be a low quality basic investigation tool with a fingerprint kit as a high quality basic item. The usefulness of a particular item is based on role-play, since while a finger print would be perfect for finding a particular person, it would be relatively useless in tracking a deer, which is also Investigation.

Tech items are more advanced, similar in level to our modern technology. As a general rule, Tech items can be distinguished from Basic items, because they require something from the Gods to maintain, like bullets for guns or electricity for most other Tech items. A gun in poor condition would be a Tech item, but it might only be quality 1 until it is repaired.

I will go into more detail about items in the actual rules.