October 20, 2018

Fate Results

If the last episode, I introduced the idea of certain symbol sets creating special results. Players needed 3 symbols. It happened so often that I ran out of ideas for good and bad fate events. In the next game, I increased the number to 4, which didn't happen as often and only on very large rolls. The players also missed the random events and expressed that they were really enjoying them.

Based on this, I have decided to reintroduce events on sets of 3 symbols, but the effects will be minor. 4 symbols will create a much greater effect. This can only happen on an "important roll," so not attacks or passive Stealth. Usually this would be the one roll made during a sequence, but other rolls could happen during the game that could be considered important. It is entirely up to GM discretion.

Magical Places

I had always planned on magical places (areas overrun with ancient technology) to exist, but they were going to be incredibly rare. During episode 3 of the stream, the players entered the first magical place away from civilization, and we had a really good time exploring it. It opened up a lot of opportunities for the future of the characters. I had been toying with the idea that loose shades could be wandering in the open, where the remains of ancient tech were hidden, and have now decided that could be pretty common. In addition, I think most wealthy Chosen houses could have a house shade.


Companions are now purchased separately from abilities, but still require ranks to reach certain levels. And now that Shades and wraiths are more common, they can now be taken as companions through communion.


In the last game, I used Tracking to throughly examining an environment. I have decided that makes a lot of sense and to replace Tracking with Investigation. So it would also cover searching or scavenging, while Awareness covers quick glances.

New Focuses: Tracking, Forensics, Scavenging