Bird of Paradise


Calydonian Boar

Death Bear


Great White Owl

Goat Fish



Nyx Dog



Spine Rabbits

Stymphalian Birds

Stymphalian Birds are omnivorous birds the size of small hawks. They have four eyes and blue and white feathers that help them blend into the sky and clouds. They fly in murders that can fall upon an area and strip it like locust or piranha. Individually, they are vicious and aggressive, but not particularly threatening. In swarms they can strip a human of meat in less than five minutes.


Varit are tall hoofed animals similar to a mix between giraffes and elk. They eat and are exposed to a poisonous plant, Varit Grass, that makes their fur and meat give rashes and cause illness. If they are properly groomed with Cres oil, they can be safe to ride and are easily domesticated docile animals. Exiled commonly use them as a means of transportation and as a food source, even though it can expose them to the rashes and poison. If the meat is boiled is Cres oil, it can mitigated the poison.

Sentient Beasts

Chameleon Cat

Water Dragons



Standard NPCs

Trained Soldier

Magical Beings



Daedalus ignited the heart of Odin, but when he demanded a sacrifice, the people chose to use their newfound magical weapons to fight back. They were able to destroy the surprised Ascended and hosted a great celebration. At the end of the 3rd Age, Daedalus returned from Hades and appeared at Mt. Olympus with an army of the Unliving. He killed everyone he found there. In the 4th Age, he has fully established control of the surrounding region.


At some point during the 3rd Age, Heracles went into a frenzy and killed many tribal people living on the border of Olympus and Tartarus. As the Reign of Chione grew closer and colder, King Creone of Thebes sacrificed his daughter, Megara, to the Ascended. Since then, daughters of the royal line have been regularly sacrifices to Heracles. King Eurystheus currently controls the Ascended and rules the Exiled city of Thebes.


Orion reignited the heart of Artemis and has continued to stay in the region.


Prometheus was the first of the Ascended to reveal themselves. They ignited the heart of Zeus and taught the art of magic to the people who lived nearby.


Sisyphus ignited the broken heart of Hephaestus. He never asked for a sacrifice and instead began to build a great road that connected the Godcities of Olympus, Midgard, and the Nile. To this day, he wanders the “Endless Road,” performing repairs and killing or enslaving those he encounters.

The Fae

The Lord of Light



Sphere: Epic Poetry
Symbol: Writing Tablet


Sphere: History
Symbol: Scroll


Sphere: Lyric Poetry
Symbol: Cithara


Sphere: Song and Elegiac Poetry
Symbol: Aulos


Sphere: Tragedy
Symbol: Tragic mask


Sphere: Hymns
Symbol: Veil


Sphere: Dance
Symbol: Lyre


Sphere: Comedy
Symbol: Comic Mask


Sphere: Astronomy
Symbol: Globe and Compass

The Unliving

Angel, Dominator

Angel, Ophanim

Angel, Seraphim





Gold Wheat

Gold wheat is a hardy grain that can grow in fertile soil with enough water.

Red Grass

Red grass is a tough and tasteless plant that can be consumed by humans.

Wild Plants

Cres Tree

Oil from the bark can cure the effects of the Varit Powder. Rubbing the oil into Varit meat can also make it edible, though it can still make the eater sick.

Sanguine Amaranth

Sanguine Amaranth is a fungus that resembles a flower that grows in the snow. It gives off a sweet tasting liquid.

Starlight Orchid

A rare flower that only blooms at night and gives off a light glow. It can be used to cure some diseases.

Varit Grass

Varit grass is a green grass that grows tall and relatively unchecked. It has a white powder irritant that gives people and animals a rash and causes extremely sickness if consumed. The Varit have grown highly resistant to this effect and use it as a food source and hiding place.