BLA Summaries


Episode 1

The party meets up and obtains a quest to go to the Angel's Grave.

Episode 2

The party begins their journey, travels north through Calydon Pass and up to Still Valley, bypassing the White Forest because of a plague sign.

Episode 3

The party heads east, through Redgrass, has concerns about a plague, convince some plowmen to abandon their friends, and finally make it to the Angel's Grave in time to become part of a standoff between Artemis soldiers and Exiled.

Episode 4

The party is conflicted by the fight, some history is revealed, they interrogate a changeling deserter, help set up a changeling deserter refugee camp, and learn about an exiled warrior looking for a powerful magic item.

Episode 5

The group travels to Goldenfields to try and collect supplies to help the refugees, the sun sets, Gem makes a friend, they go into quarantine, and Vesper wanders off to have a vision quest.

Episode 6

Anik's family is revealed, the group eats some sweet-ass food, meet an Exiled who knows how to help with the plague, head north to find the cure, learn some history, and get Dalexo's cart stolen briefly.

Episode 7

Anik is missing to find more orchids, Vesper returns with a melted disk, they go back to the Rivers, more of Anik's past is revealed, they visit Wayne Coin, learn about Sandor's family and that one of their artifacts is fake but get trade goods and supplies for the refugees anyway.

Episode 8

The group heads back to the refugees, finds out they've been attacked and kidnapped again by the changelings, and save the wounded who haven't been moved yet with the help of a returning Anik, who brought along a soldier friend.

Episode 9

The group starts a side-quest to travel to the White Forest because of a dryad with a weird fungus disease, drops the injured refugees just outside, get attacked by an infected witch-dog and go skinny-dipping.

Episode 10

The group continues their journey into the White Forest, find some weird vine creatures, get into fungus body horror, find the source of the fungus and fight a radioactive fungus monster.

Episode 11

While fighting a radioactive fungus, Cyrene suddenly appears to save the day, the sun rises and the fungus lets a bajillion spores out, and the group saves Sandor from becoming fungus. Gem takes a huge radioactive crystal with her as the group returns to the refugees, we learn a bit about Dalexo, and they continue back to Goldenfields to take part in the harvest festival and it is attacked by a rocket launcher.

Episode 12

The group reacts to a very coordinated changeling attack, gets separated and comes back together several times, eventually meeting up in front of the Coin mansion which seems to be the main target for which the attacks are a distraction away from.

Episode 13

The group faces off against the Lord of Light, Heracles tries to tempt Anik to the dark side, Dalexo almost dies but gets reinforcements to come, and they find Sandor's family is slaughtered and fulfill the prophecy from episode 1.


Episode 201