BLA Setting


By the Light of Artemis takes place on the land of Lelantos, named for the Titan that sleeps in its Southern region. The people who live there are cut off from the rest of the world by Lelantos himself in the South, Osiris to the West, an ocean to the East, and Niflheim to the far North. For this reason, they are particularly isolated and do not know much about what is happening in the rest of the world.

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The story of the stream begins in the region controlled by the god-city of Artemis. The Chosen are ruled by two factions, the secular Hunt and the religious Blessed, though to the average citizen there is little difference between the two. In the 300 years since the Reign of Chione that froze the world, the Chosen have resettled the towns and lands that survived. Most live near Artemis itself or in trade cities nearby.


Balthar was a thriving trade city from the time of the ancients, and though it was abandoned during Ragnarok and then the Reign of Chione, it was resettled each time. About fifty years ago, the city was leveled by the angel of Osiris, and those citizens who managed to survive were scattered. Now the city is a ruin of what it once was, settled by desperate people and the Exiled.

Bow of Artemis

The Bow of Artemis is a forward base deep in Exiled territory. All knights of Artemis and most people who serve in the military are required to serve there at some point in their careers. Though it is considered a dangerous deployment, they are kept well supplied and guard a powerful source of magic.


Calydon is mining city North of Artemis. The land will not grow plants and is a wasteland, but it is rich with minerals. During the Ragnarok, Godshards rained down on Calydon, and some can still be found in the mines or surrounding wilds.


Corwen was the most Western town of Artemis along the north road and on the border with the Changeling and Morrigan Exiled tribes. It was also known for the black tower, an ancient ruin converted into a military installation. Astor the Butcher slaughtered the military garrison and all of the civilians who lived in the town. Anik Deora and Meleager were at the attack, but were ordered not to engage and give up the lost town rather than take additional losses.

The Black Tower

The Black Tower is an ancient ruin that is yet to reveal its mysteries. Because of the strong ancient concrete, it was used as a military base by Artemis before being taken by Astor the Butcher.


The Goldenfields is a wealthy trade city and the breadbasket of Artemis. They pay their taxes in food, which is plentiful enough to sell their surplus to the neighboring towns and Exiled tribes.


Red grass is a farming village between Balthar and Still Valley. The residents of the town farm the local grass that has a natural red color and is barely eatable.

Port Alf

Port Alf is a fishing town East of Goldenfields. While most of their business is fishing, smugglers move magic to the exiled, and adventurous merchants follow the coast to trade with the Nile or cross the ocean to trade in the Elysian Archipelago.

Still Valley

Still Valley got its name because the winds of lelantos blow right over it. It is not an ideal position for agriculture, but because of its safety from the storm, it is a thriving trade hub and storage location.

The Exiled

The descendants of the Exiled live all across the continent. Some live with the Chosen, trading with them, working with them, or even intermarrying. Others see the Chosen as their enemies and want to destroy them.

Cha Lee "Changelings"

The Changelings are a warrior tribe who kidnaps children and raise them as soldiers to bolster their numbers in warfare. Currently, they are ruled by Ba-Pef, a man rumored to have demonic blood and incredible magic.


The Lapui are a small nomadic tribe who lives off the land between Chosen territories. They travel from place to place looking for short term work and supplies.


The Morrigan are actually multiple tribes who follow a common goal, to destroy the gods and the people who worship them.


Far to the West is Osiris, and the people who worship him. They do not consider themselves Exiled, but they are not Chosen. Their power of necromancy makes them incredibly dangerous.


The Scandes live in caves beneath the surface. The are strong, but prefer peace with a threat to back it up.


The Yuling lived in peace with the Osirians through the entire 3rd Age, but since the Reign if Chione, they have been in constant war. The Yuling live in small villages to the West that they can make up and move and worship the Osirian Death Bear.

Other Locations

Fallen Angel

Fifty years ago a great a terrifying angel came through the Maat Pass. It destroyed the fortifications watching for dangerous and then slaughtered the Chosen and Exiled indiscriminately. It was finally brought down west of Balthar before it could make it to the Goldenfields. It poisoned the ground it fell upon.


Freeport is a port city from the 3rd age that was resettled by Chosen. However, rather than serve Artemis, they chose to declare independence along with Shard Lake.


Maat is a huge mountain range that separates Osiris from the rest of Lelantos. A single pass is large enough for armies and angels. For centuries a combined garrison of Chosen from Artemis and Tyr watched over the pass, until they were killed by the angel.

Path of Lelantos

A trail along the ocean connects Lelantos to the Nile. It moves around the Titan himself, and is deadly at sunrise.

Pyramid of Orion

The pyramid is the resting place of the ascended Orion who ignited the hearts of all the gods in Lelantos.

Shard Lake

Shard Lake is an independent city of Chosen and Exiled allied with Freeport. They mine Godshard and magic from beneath the poisonous lake.

White Forest

The white forest is a large forest of white conifers. It is also home to a tribe of dryads. Recently is was corrupted by a strange monster and purple fungus. Since the creature was destroyed, the bulk of the plague died, but the trees have started to change color to purple.


Tyr is another god-city far to the North. They rarely deal with Artemis or its neighbors, though they do have a minor relationship with the Scandes.