BLA 103

Anesidora: By the Light of Artemis season 1, episode 3, originally aired on the Maze Arcana twitch channel in 2017. It was played by Kailey Bray as Anik Deora, Avril Ilejay as Vesper, Ryan Omega as Dalexo, Jessica Lynn Parsons as Gem, and Neal Fischer as Sandor Angelslayer.

Travel to Redgrass

The gang prepares to leave stillvalley and head west to Redgrass and whatever plagues may be waiting for them.
Before leaving, Dalexo meets with a shady contact along with Sandor. They go to a shady-looking casino-like inn, and head to a back room. Inside, they meet Aesop Weaver and Dalexo learns that Sandor is married to Aesop’s sister, but hasn’t been home for a few years.
Aesop gives Dalexo a shipment of medicine for the Goldenfields to help with their plague issues, as well as a shipment for Redgrass consisting of just supplies. Aesop says Dalexo needs to pay him 50 god-shards next time he’s in stillvalley or he’ll kill him.
Meanwhile, Vesper tries to secretly tell Anik about her dream but Gem listens in on them and breaks Vesper’s little bit of trust.
When the group meet up again, they exchange some information, but not all. Notably, Dalexo doesn’t tell the group where he got the medicine to deal with the goldenfields plague from.
They move on together towards Redgrass.

On the way, Anik prods Dalexo about the shipment they’re taking and demands to see it, finding only medicine. She does not want to transport magical weapons.
Gem opens up to Dalexo about her dream from Artemis, but he doesn’t know anything about the Dark Mistress.

At Redgrass

When they get to Redgrass things are immediately amiss. People have been too busy even to start clearing the snow from the redgrass fields, leaving huge swathes of land fallow with grass growing up through slowly melting snow. They also find a courier, carrying papers and letters, dead from an attack, and decide to use some of the medicine doses on themselves as a precaution, though Vesper refuses her dose because its from god-cities.
They city of Redgrass is in trouble, with only 10 structures standing, most of which are temporary, and lots of obvious damage on old foundations. The snowplows have stalled in the town, waiting here for their other group of plows that went through the White Forest that the gang avoided because of the plague sign.
After dropping Aesop’s shipment off to the working mayor of Redgrass, Alex, the group convinces the snow plows to keep going on to goldenfields and finish their assigned duty, with Sandor promising to return to the Forest and find the other plowmen after dropping the kids off at the angel’s grave.
Anik learns some information about the changeling attack on Redgrass a few months back, most notably how the changelings and blackbirds seem to be working together now when before they were constantly fighting. She also learns the symptoms of the plague in the Goldenfields - white, patchy skin, loss of strength and a terrible cough.

The Angel's Grave

The group moves on with the plows charging ahead, and pass by a ruined city that was called Balta without incident before making it to the Angel’s Grave.
When they reach the angel, it is not nearly abandoned like they thought it would be. Instead, it is surrounded by a contingent of military forces. Anik, being former military and from the area, finds out they are basically sieging a group of changelings trapped within the angel’s broken body. They haven’t tried to break their encampment because they have no idea how many changelings are inside, it could be 50 or up to 500.
Anik, looking out over the changelings, sees Aster, the Butcher of the North Road she faces many years ago and Sandor takes a shot, clipping his left leg badly. The changelings all retreat into the body itself, leaving none outside for scouting.
Sandor, along with the soldiers, hatches a plan to smoke them out and starts a fire. The changelings rush out, and they only have about 20 soldiers, but hundreds of civilians run out in a panic.
A confusing battle breaks out and Anik attempts to get the civilians away from the fighting, but Mowen, the leader of the soldiers, tells her they’re just as guilty and they should die too. Anik argues with him they’re kidnapped civilians and then, out of the crowd of civilians, Aster appears and cuts Mowen in half.