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Anik Deora is a main Player Character in the stream Anesidora: By the Light of Artemis, played by Kailey Bray. Anik is a hardened mercenary with a huge protective streak, who is also plagued by indecision and doubt about her own actions.

Early Life

Anik Deora was born Anik Rivers, a member of the Rivers noble family of Goldenfields. She would often play in the woods north of her house. Originally, she was engaged to be married to Aesop Weaver, a member of one of the other noble families found in Goldenfieldds, but she did not marry him and instead married Deora, having two kids with him. She joined the Artemis army at some point, meeting an befriending a soldier named Meleager.

The Black Tower and Butcher of the North Road

Anik was assigned to the Black Tower on the North Road as a buffer to protect from exiled attacks, and was there when the changeling Aster attacked, killing everyone in the Black Tower. Anik couldn't do anything when it happened, as her group was given direct orders not to go in and help. After this incident, Anik left the Artemis army proper and became a mercenary.

Mercenary Life

5 years prior to present day, Anik was hired by Dalexo as protection for him as he traded in the western part of the continent past mon pass. Both Anik and Dalexo did not like each other during this time, sniping back and forth and even vaguely alluding to leaving each other there to die. They also met the Yuling tribe of exiled.

Death of Anik's Family

2 years prior to present day, Anik's family was killed in an unknown incident. Anik has PTSD from this event, and she never goes anywhere unprepared, wearing her armor and vest even to formal and social occasions. She still carries her broken pistol from the incident, however is terrified of and can't shoot guns as another part of her PTSD. Since the death of her husband and two children, Anik has not been back home to Goldenfields, instead staying away and taking odd mercenary jobs until she found herself in Artemis and roped into the group at the beginning of season 1.

Season 1

Season 2